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Assignment #6

One of the things that I find most disturbing about our culture in America today is our media outlets. Even the most credible of “news” channels has slanted views on political issues. Right-wing, left-wing, it doesn’t matter, in most cases there’s a slant in all politically oriented issues. The news has become a ratings race, they no longer care much for what they report. It’s now all about who’s reporting it, the prettiest, the handsomest. Hardly ever do you see someone who is just reporting the news to deliver current events. The news also has to be entertaining. No longer do Americans care about what may be important happenings in their country. Everything is up-to-the-minute coverage of Paris Hilton being released from prison… or returning. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a bit of celebrity gossip here and there, and in today’s day in age it is hard to get away from, but there are “celebrity news” shows designed specifically for that purpose. Things have gotten to the point where I have personally heard friends complain that they can no longer watch American news broadcasts if they want to stay in touch with what is truly happening in our country. They turn to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for news. To have the news that we should be hearing, nay paying attention to, in our own country reported better by a company across the Atlantic should be an alarming wake-up call for everyone. The question remains, is anyone paying attention?

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