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Assignment #11

In the world today, we have become increasingly aware of just how many ethical issues exist and are presented to us through many mediums, especially the media. With so many existing issues to choose from, the upcoming assignment my class has been presented with should present little problem other than selecting an issue itself. In [...]

Assignment #10

“Definitely, Maybe”, a Universal Pictures film, follows the story of Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) as he describes his prior serious romantic relationships to his young daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin.) Much of the film takes place in the past as Will spins a mostly truthful tale for his daughter, who began by questioning his relationship with [...]

Assignment #9

The recent romantic comedy “27 Dresses”, a Fox 2000 Pictures film, Jane is a young woman who has been ‘in love’ with weddings since childhood, which is a good thing since she’s been a bridesmaid in 27 of them! Perpetually awaiting the day she receives any indication of affection from her boss George (Edward Burns), [...]

Assignment #8

When one of my favorite television shows, The Office, ended its fourth season abruptly after only eight episodes, I have to admit that I was upset. The show halted not knowing when they would begin filming again, or even if the season would be completed, due to the Writers Guild of America’s strike. Now that [...]

Assignment #7

Rarely has there been so much buzz surrounding an animated film as there was this past year with Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studio’s Ratatouille. The storyline is simple enough, it follows a young rat into the city of Paris where he hopes (and later does) fulfill his dream of becoming a chef. So [...]

Assignment #6

One of the things that I find most disturbing about our culture in America today is our media outlets. Even the most credible of “news” channels has slanted views on political issues. Right-wing, left-wing, it doesn’t matter, in most cases there’s a slant in all politically oriented issues. The news has become a ratings race, [...]

Assignment #5

In Tuesday’s class we were given the question “Should you give a homeless person a dollar?” and after splitting into groups, we were to debate different answers. I would fall into the category of “never, but…” for several reasons. A few of these reasons are that I hardly ever carry cash, I may not necessarily [...]