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Assignment #10

“Definitely, Maybe”, a Universal Pictures film, follows the story of Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) as he describes his prior serious romantic relationships to his young daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin.) Much of the film takes place in the past as Will spins a mostly truthful tale for his daughter, who began by questioning his relationship with her mother after a sex-ed class in school. The story is interrupted at points by Maya’s surfacing insecurities about her parents impending divorce, and she is reassured enough to pass on some relationship advice to her gloomy father.

A cute but predictable romantic comedy. Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin make a great father/daughter team, adding charm and believability to the story, as well as comic relief that will have you laughing out loud. The story lagged in places, with some portions almost completely irrelevant to the storyline. These deterring moments as well as characters left under-developed with the actress playing the three women (Fischer, Banks, and Weisz) unable to break out of cookie-cutter stereotypes handed to their characters, leaves the film a bit flat. All in all it’s a great date movie, with a little something for both guys and girls, and the cast did a fine job with what they were given to work with. Worth seeing if you have the time and the cash, but don’t expect a show-stopping performance that will leave you awed or inspired.

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