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Assignment #4

Many people would argue that theatre productions make ridiculous feature films. Though the arguments for both sides include lists of good points, neither side seems ultimately correct. Through the recent years, many films have been made based off of theatre productions, usually of the musical variety. These films give opportunity to those who may not [...]

Assignment #3

With all the political ads that Americans are bombarded by at this point in a presidential campaign, it takes drastic measures from each candidate to ensure that they capture your attention. Each candidate is different, and therefore each political ad is different as well, tailored to what the candidate wants to emulate. One such example [...]

Assignment #2

Part One:
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1.) Ethos is the authority appeal. To persuade an audience of your argument, it is important to be researched. This knowledge will help you to sound both credible and confident.
Pathos is the emotional appeal, it lets your audience know that you sympathize with them, allowing you to gain sympathy for your [...]

Assignment #1

Part One:
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Claim: A claim is a thought or statement that needs evidence or support to make it truth. In an argument, a claim serves as the topic to be supported.
Support: Support is the use of explanations and/or evidence to prove your claim to be true. In using support correctly you should be [...]