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Assignment #4

Many people would argue that theatre productions make ridiculous feature films. Though the arguments for both sides include lists of good points, neither side seems ultimately correct. Through the recent years, many films have been made based off of theatre productions, usually of the musical variety. These films give opportunity to those who may not otherwise have a window into the world of fine arts, allowing them to experience a fusion of song, dance and acting otherwise not entirely common in Hollywood.
On the other hand, there is no experience quite like sitting in a theatre and watching a performance unfold before your eyes. It is most certainly a dazzling and unique feeling that washes over an audience member each time they sit in the auditorium. A person can feel all kinds of emotion and is often taken on a roller coaster tour of them throughout the entire production. Each audience member may feel or gather some different from each performance, allowing theatre enjoyment for as long as the person chooses.
In the spirit of the theatre, film makers attempt to capture some of the same essence into their productions. Though film has the ability to rework a scene until it is perfected, the entire cast and crew toils to make a believable transfer from the stage to the screen, even going so far as to sometimes use the original actors and actresses from a Broadway run of a production. This attention to detail allows the audience to be immersed in a world entirely different to that of the theatre, one where brilliant additions of computer graphics and special effects are available to enhance the viewer’s experience of the overall production.
In the end, both theatre and film are slightly different, each is a unique expression of the group of people embodied within, and each is viable in presenting to its audience a world otherwise unknown. Even though there is no way to describe the experience of witnessing a live production on stage, film is a widely more accessible media that helps many to witness the wonder and enjoyment of the stage through the distinctly different experience film offers.

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